“Ron’s proven approach to leadership training makes the reality of a fulfilling and successful life available to everyone. He presents these timeless principles professionally, yet practically in a down to earth way that is easy to understand and put into practice. His message is greatly needed throughout our world today.”
Norm Miller
Chairman of Interstate Batteries

“I felt the content of your book, Achieving Authentic Success, is not only timely for me at this point in my career, but for our entire organization and the nation as a whole. The life skills and action steps you are presenting will help everyone build an outstanding foundation for a truly successful life.”
Hugh Maclellan, Jr.
Chairman of the Executive Committee, Provident Companies

“I am most impressed with the leadership principles found in Achieving Authentic Success. Principles such as these are foundational in personal growth and in the success which companies and countries experience. My knowledge of you gives me great confidence that you will be successful in your worldwide ventures to help families and organizations rebuild a desperately needed solid infrastructure. Your insights…hit home. Numerous people responded relating a changed perspective in their lives as a result of the message.”
David Hentschel
Former Chairman and CEO, Occidental Oil and Gas Corporation

“Inasmuch as I have heard you speak several times, I have noted that you are a talented, high impact speaker. Also, your background equips you for speaking with almost any group. Your broad experience in working with executives and businesses at all levels, plus your educational background should equip you for even the most difficult audience.
Wes Cantrell
Former President & CEO, Lanier Worldwide, Inc.

“Ron immediately communicates that he has done his homework, and has the other ingredient that is often missing-the ability to communicate.”
Ed Johnson
Former Chairman/CEO, Financial Federation, Inc.

“For too long America has been focused on the bottom line. Now Dr. Jenson’s book focuses on the bigger and more important issues of making a more effective and complete person.”
Anthony M. Wilson
Former Chief Executive Officer, Hobie Cat Company

“…it is the best program I have seen internationally for starting at ground zero and building a value system. You have created a new paradigm of success.”
Dr. Jerry Curtis Nims
Chairman, NimsTech International

“Dr. Ron Jenson has the unique gift of formulating and communicating in a practical and relevant manner principles that allow and encourage his readers to maximize their personal and business success.”
Charles L. Collings
President/CEO, Raley’s Supermarkets and Drug Centers

“Never in modern history have moral standards and non-negotiables been more important than today. I believe this book, Achieving Authentic Success, is ‘must reading’ for all leaders and would be leaders today.”
Dr. D. S. Reimer
Reimer Express World Corp

“Dr. Jenson has written a blockbuster of wisdom profoundly needed today. I have known Ron personally for twenty-two years. He exemplifies the principles espoused in his book.”
Robert O. Safford Sr.
Senior National Sales Director, PRIMERICA Financial Services, a member of Travelers Group

“Don’t just buy copies and give them to your associates. Build an organization that lives these principles and you will have a successful company-an investment for generations to come.”
Bunker Hunt
International Businessman

“Jenson has produced a book that gets right to the heart of modern pursuits. What a refreshing and informative set of principles to make a life by!”
J. David Rae
Former Vice President, Apple Computer

“Ron’s seminar changed my personal habits this past month and caused me to put more energy into things that count. It has freed me up to give more of myself to my family, friends and business. Last month we saw 50% increase in production. My key management team attended Dr. Jenson’s seminar and his emphasis on maximizing your life played a key role in that growth. My only regret is not having more of my team attend this…series with Ron.”
Don Steepe
Sr. Executive in a Prime America Company

“We in management feel that the results of your course will not only yield increased results but long term job satisfaction as the staff integrate their jobs into a total life objective plan.”
Hal Jones
Former President, ERA Jones Realty, Honolulu

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