I like this quotation from Dr. Jeff Owens on character and money.

“Please answer the following questions: Would you rather have a $10,000 salary increase or the character to live on what you currently earn? Or possibly, would you like to develop the character to live on $10,000 less than what you currently earn? We seem to think the answer to our problem is to make more money. I wonder if the answer to our problem would be to develop more character.”

What do you think?  Why?

Are we facing MOSTLY an economic crisis or a character crisis right now? I wonder! Undoubtedly the economy is a mess. But wasn’t it the greed, arrogance and self-absorption on wall street along with the get-rich-quick mindset, greed and selfishness on main street that got us here. And, as people are responding now, don’t we see fundamentally a response that flows from character or lack of it? Think about it… fear, blaming others, denial, worry, dishonesty, inappropriate anger (I think there is plenty of good anger needed right now)? And the biggest issue to me.. how do we start to make adjustments based on good character.. taking responsibility, kicking in the work ethic, caring for others in need, being generous, providing positive solutions, etc. What do you think?

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