“Achieving Authentic Success provides specific inspirational direction for those who seek to win in all areas of life. Informative and practical, the book is loaded with common sense and the realistic side of inspiration. GOOD stuff!”
Zig Ziglar
Chairman, The Zig Ziglar Corporation

“Dr. Ron Jenson’s approach to leadership is what companies are really needing-this book needs to be on every manager’s desk. I have seen him with top world-wide business leaders and what he has written really works and helps people win big. Very Big.”
Dr. Ken Blanchard
Best Selling Author, The One Minute Manager, Speaker

“Working with thousands of men around the world, we have seen the critical need for the kind of lifeskills articulated by Ron Jenson in this exciting book. Not only are these principles practical, they work. We have seen Ron in action and the changed lives that have resulted speak for the power of his work. We urge men and women alike to study this book and to become “craftsmen at life.”
Dr. E. Glenn Wagner, Former Vice President, PROMISEKEEPERS
Dr. Rod Cooper, Former National Director of Education, PROMISEKEEPERS

“This is one of the most important books written in many years. It gives you a series of practical, powerful steps that you can follow to become a far more effective person on the inside, and a far greater success on the outside. Every success-oriented person in America should read and re-read this book and apply its practical ideas to every part of life.”
Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy Learning Systems, Author and Speaker

“I have long taught methods and strategies for success in a sales career. However, the foundation of my message has always been that you must have BALANCE in your life in order to truly succeed. Knowing Dr. Ron Jenson as I do, and of his phenomenal life’s work, this book promises to give you the answers to help you achieve a balanced, successful life.”
Tom Hopkins
International Sales Trainer, Million-selling Author, How to Master the Art of Selling

“Few people have Dr. Jenson’s capacity to motivate inner success and affect positive change. This book is a must read for anyone grappling with what success should look like in their own life.”
Robert Seiple
Former President, World Vision

“…these seem to be imminently basic, clear, concise and valid. I do not believe that there is much hope for any society, our own or any other, unless these fundamental principles can be internalized, universalized and practiced. In this period of momentous cultural change and revolutionary beginnings and reformation of societies, both East and West, nothing could seem more important than the high ground staked out by these principles and your energizing leadership.”
Glenn Olds
Former Commissioner, State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources;
Former President, Kent State University

“Here are carefully crafted and experiential helps for all of us to live out those values which we hold as strategic and critical in lives which make a difference.”
Ted W. Engstrom (Deceased)
President Emeritus, World Vision

“Ron Jenson is a winner and so is his book. Seldom, if ever, will you read a book which has more credibility in terms of the author’s own life. Ron is a man who has built his life upon proven principles… and now they’re available here in transferable form. If you thirst for an authentically successful and effective life, this is a must read.”
Stu WeberPastor

“Achieving Authentic Success is a captivating, humorous, and personally helpful look at how to bring order to the chaos of living in the fast lane. Ron Jenson has captured and distilled the best ideas from the most insightful thinkers who have ever written on the subjects of purpose, priorities and living life successfully. I found myself reading with pen in hand, jotting down quotes and ideas to share with my team. The action steps at the end of each chapter are intensely practical and guaranteed to turn the concepts into habits.”
Stan Oaks
Chairman, Kings College

“In an age when we are inundated with distractions and diversions. Ron has created a crisp, easy-to-read Mind Filter that helps keep us focused on priorities built around our individual unique core competencies. It is a must read for people involved in solving problems.”
Ann Kiemel Anderson
Speaker and Author; President, William Anderson Company