“Ron Jenson is a great communicator and has significantly influenced my perspective on what it means to be truly successful.”
Kevin Jenkins
Former President and CEO, Canadian Airlines International, Ltd.

“Your work is extremely timely and relevant in our age of cardinal social and political transformations. We need to change with the times too, but we should also focus on the roots, stick to our principles and refine them unceasingly. Achieving Authentic Success communicates the truth directly to the human soul. It makes me think of life’s real meaning; of what I can and should change in myself, and how. You have provided a benchmark from which I can think further to find solutions to dilemmas facing every one of us daily. I would recommend Achieving Authentic Success with the utmost warmth to anyone striving to lead a meaningful life. Every library, college, business person and leader should have a copy.”
Nicolai S. Stolyarov, Major General
Dean of the Graduate School of Business for Servicemen
International University, Moscow, Russia

“Ron Jenson’s book is arresting, inspiring and interesting, just as he is in Real life.”
Peter J. Daniels
President and Founder, World Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies, Adelaide, Australia

“It has been conclusively established that holistic, spiritually founded social patterns and behaviors provide the only known hope for the future of our civilization. This book is poised to bring mankind to new planes of internal personal peace, interpersonal relationships and social harmony.”
The Honorable Matthew Nrukikaire
Former Minister of State for Finance and Economic Planning, Republic of Uganda

“I subscribe to the MAXIMIZERS model in my life and I am sure that everyone who reads this book will want to find practical ways to design this model into their own future. As busy as I am traveling around the world, there are only a few select books that make it into my “must read” list-this is definitely one of them!”
R. Scott Zimmer
Former President, EchoStar International, The Republic of Singapore

“Ron’s aim at redefining the traditional measures of success is forcefully communicated because he is specific in blending values with standard achievement goals. Understanding and applying these principles will make readers want to rethink their path to success.”
Joseph G. Kass
Vice Chairman, REPAP Enterprises, Inc., Montreal, Canada

“We have found that there is an extremely great need for the materials you communicate in our country. In fact, I am confident to say that what you are sharing is foundational for the rebuilding of this country. People need what you call “straight lines”. You are providing those. On behalf of the people of Russia, I thank you for your immeasurable assistance.”
Iouri Minaev
First Deputy Chairman, Radio Moscow

“Thanks Ron, for helping me to understand what authentic success is really all about. It is easy to succeed on a balance sheet but lose in life. Your book adds a meaningful perspective to what the “bottom line” should be…..a significant life.”
Gordon D. Wusyk
President, The Wusyk Financial Group
Past Chairman of CAFE (Canadian Association of Family Enterprise)
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“Readers will gain a sense of purpose in life. They will learn how to discipline themselves to manage priorities within the time they have. We learned to think beyond ourselves and the present. We believe this book will be a positive motivational tool with which readers will change their lives for the better.”
Dina H. and R. Brooks Loomis
Owners, Southeast Asia Speakers and Trainers Bureau, Manila, Philippines

“We as leaders in emerging democracies need to redefine our personal definition of success, rethink our priorities and reestablish the moral and ethical foundations of our lives, because that is the only way we can alleviate the causes of human need and transform the structures of our nations. Achieving Authentic Success provides the foundations for such effective leadership. It is a must reading for leaders in the two-thirds world and those aspiring into leadership everywhere.”
Dr. Appianda Arthur
Former Chairman, Parliamentary Committee on Presidential Affairs (Ghana, West Africa);
Director, Distinguished Leaders Commission (AD 2000)

“Ron walks his talk. His life is ordered by that which he teaches and has left an indelible imprint on my life. His Maximizers principles are easy to grasp, practical, yet challenging to put to work.”
Dr. Henry Tan
Former President, ACTS International, Philippines