“A refreshingly wise and workable prescription for helping us in all facets of life. Ron has truly delivered tools with which we can craft a more meaningful and fulfilling life.”
The Honorable Elizabeth Dole
Former President, American Red Cross, US Senator, NC

“I have heard more than a few corporate speakers, and you rank at the top among them in terms of interest and information.”
Donald Hodel
Former U.S. Secretary of Interior

“The ten principles which you have articulated are both exciting and essential for building a foundation for positive, productive lives.”
The Honorable Don Nickles
Former United States Senator, State of Oklahoma

“A powerful communicator whose message is so appropriate for today. I have used his material with colleagues in the Senate and all of us have greatly benefited from its relevance.”
The Honorable William L. Armstrong
Former United States Senator, State of Colorado

“Finally-an author who crafts timeless truths into life-skills that work. A coming together of the intellectual and the practical that achievers everywhere will embrace.”
The Honorable Bob McEwen
Former United States Representative, State of Ohio

“You are a respected communicator whose message has influenced Chief Executives in a powerful way. Your approach has been practical, convincing and relevant to the real world. I, along with hundreds of key business leaders across our nation have benefited significantly from the powerful thrust of your efforts.”
Richard G. Capen Jr.
Former US Ambassador to Spain, 1992-1993
Former Vice-Chairman, Knight-Ridder, Inc.

“The principles presented in this book form the foundation for successful and inspirational leadership. Individuals need them and business and government organizations need to create an environment that encourages their use.”
William R. Nelson
Lieutenant General (Retired), United States Air Force

“Achieving Authentic Success hits at the very heart of our motivations and causes us to re-evaluate our moral and ethical foundations of life. Ron Jenson captures and highlights in his book the truth that leadership is needed more than ever in our nation and in the world, but leadership that is directed, not at the leadership themselves, but at those served.”
Brigadier General Dick Abel
Former Director, Military Ministries, Campus Crusade for Christ

“Dr. Jenson has an uncanny ability to lay out an easy to follow formula for successful living through personal growth. His practical approach and insights will challenge any reader regardless of age and background.”
Rear Admiral William L. Schachte, Jr.

“Families, businesses and societies around the world desperately need to be exposed to these universal principles of life. I am confident that everyone practicing these ten principles will see immediate and continuing success as I have in my life.”
Thomas D. Conrad, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Government Employees Association, Inc.;
Former Deputy Assistant Secretary, United States Air Force