“Dr. Jenson has written a comprehensive and do-able achievement program for following through with one’s personal and professional goals with emphasis on inner success versus outward success.”
Joe Gibbs
Former Head Coach, Washington Redskins; Joe Gibbs Racing

“As many of us make the transition from success to significance, we can find useful guidance in Ron Jenson’s ten practical and highly actionable skills. Ron communicates with clarity, enthusiasm and depth of understanding.”
Bob Buford
Chairman of the Board, Buford Television, Inc., Author, Halftime;
Changing Your Game Plan from Success to Significance

“Ron is a ‘lifestyle coach’ for me in my business and personal life. The message and teaching he shares is now in book form, giving many others the chance to grow from his leadership as well. Achieving Authentic Success will undoubtedly serve as a “handbook” for anyone who wants direction in getting their priorities straight.”
Rolf Benirschke
Former NFL Place-kicker, San Diego Chargers;

“Working with top executives in film and television for fifteen years has convinced me that people who get to the top of the ladder seldom ask if it’s leaning against the right wall. Dr. Jenson’s book makes the right wall, the right ladder, and the right rungs crystal clear. Every exec should know these principles.”
Larry W. Poland, Ph.D.
Chairman and CEO, Master Media International, Inc.

“I have read Achieving Authentic Success, and I am very excited about the contents of this book. Ron Jenson has taken ten very practical, individual skills and shown how they are foundational to building authentically successful and effective lives. The book really challenged me in many areas of my life. I am going to be recommending it widely.”
Pat Williams
Chief Operating Officer/General Manager, Orlando Magic, National Basketball Association

“The ten points that you have developed are a great concept for building or rebuilding the individual, family, business and government. I believe that there must be principles such as these for people to be able to develop their highest potential while at the same time supporting and leading other people.”
Stan Smith
Professional Tennis Champion